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Luke 8:17 KJV  

                                                       “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest;
                                              neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.



  Take a journey back in time with me using the wayback machine. If you haven't already

  heard of it, it's a project online that has been archiving the internet. That's right, you can go

  back and look at websites from all the way back in the 90's. So you can go see

  in the year 2000, or view what looked like in the year 2001. It's really cool and

  useful for accessing old websites or linking to them, which no longer exist, or have

  been  sold to new owners and have changed from the page you remember in history.
 in 1998, Jan 10 Angelfire is what this website is being hosted on

       right now. It's Angelfire that made this webpage possible. And this is what it

       looked like in 1998! Woah!

 in 1998 Jan 31 Lycos is way cool. I'm so glad they have survived all

       these years. I think we should support them by using their services and

       advertising with them when possible.

       Facebook in 2006 Facebook dates back longer than you think. Search for Facebook commercial 90's

       Zophar's Domain in 2000!, an awesome Rom gaming website, for peope into  

       emulators and roms. This was the site in the year 2000!

       Geocities in 1999 A free service back then that would allow you to make

       websites, much like Angelfire here, and Neocities. in 2001 Aol Instant Messenger was a favorite, this was the page in

       2001. You can still use this service via Aim Pheonix in 2005 It was eventually purchased by Google sadly. It was

        totally free speech back then, things have changed to a more CCP style

        operation these days.

Video Games:


       Sony Playstation One I remember when this first came out. My cousin

       owned one, I was so jealous. I am still heavily filled with nostalgia from playing

       Spyro the original, it's so cool. I love the controllers and the design, and the

       memories of the times.

       Nintendo 64 I wish I had never sold mine on craigslist many years ago. It was

       the coolest system, tied with my other favorites. Much nostalgia from this

       system, much nostalgia.

       Sega Genesis

      This page was erected in the year 2022, just so you know.

      I will add more to it in time, like categories with: Music, movies,

      and stuff like that, the webpage for sony walkman at the time, etc.

      If you have suggestions email

      I wish I hadn't used Gmail when I first made that one email address that I'd

      be using for the rest of my life, ya know?