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Drugs are both good and bad depending on many factors. If you've ever used a medicine to improve or save your life, then you can't really say drugs are bad, it may be more realistic to say SOME drugs can be bad in a certain context, or some may be bad all around, or it just depends on different factors. because medicine is drugs, drugs are medicine, depending on the substance though. Drug stores sell them. Research how pills are made. See the video below. Note that a freebased drug like meth or cocaine, is how pharmaceuticals begin. All they do is pack it in a pill form by using fillers and God knows what's in them. Do you trust in scientist or the creator of biology and all life itself?


I have an entire project dedicated to medicine, that exposes serpent medical ( big pharma ) and the biblical facts related to medicine, and the fact that herbal medicine is legit, and science proves that, and the existence of God, through the scientific study of plant medicine, aka phytochemistry, which is the lab environment study of medicinal aka pharmacological chemicals produced within plants as designed by God and programmed into the genetic blueprints which contain the information needed to produce these chemicals over and over again, amazingly. That project is, and I expose the crap out of serpent medical son. Avoid them, and seek God. The Most High God of the bible, aka the Ancient Of Days.

The bible actually mentions medicine, which confirms that medicine is biblical, but never does it tell anyone to take a bunch of chemicals and try to alter natural chemicals that God made into something "better" ( it's not better to do that ). Pharmakia is the failure to acknowledge a God while tampering with medicines that he made in a way that alters them from their natural created state, following a belief that one is "god-like" ( aka a scientist ).


Modern Pharmaceuticals came to be from an occult science called plant alchemy. Plant alchemy is basically herbalism with withcraft brought into the mix. The medical caduceus with the serpents on it comes from false God Heremes I believe?. Google "serpent medical" and it will explain which God it is, I believe it is the staff of Hermes. (fact check, it is Hermes yes, and the staff of Hermes. ) I included an academic citation below as well, and there's a good Wikipedia page on it

For it to not be an abomination, it needs to be a seed bearing herb, or a direct derivative of, and nothing that was made by humans with the intent of bettering something God already made, or changing the structure of the molecules.. extracts are one thing, synthetic drugs are another, and even extracts are not always required.. In some medical instances though it makes sense that a potent free-base of a narcotic would be needed medically. Still, our medical system is more liken to Nazi Germany, and completely disregards God and his rules, not just with its graven imagery and its blasphemy against the creator, but with the fact that our own government has idolized and empowered them by hunting its own population for abiding in God, rather than them.. when our political system was founded around God in the first place, thus this violating our religious rights is illegal, and unconstitutional, and frankly, satanic.

Hedesan, G. D. (2014), Alchemy. In The Occult World (pp. 552-563). Routledge.

In regards to the medical symbol, the "medical caduceus" or the "serpent medical logo" as I call it, being a sigil ( a black magic symbol thing ): Roos, A. M. (2008). ‘Magic coins’ and ‘magic squares’: the discovery of astrological sigils in the Oldenburg Letters. Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 62(3), 271-288. URL:

Completely Random:

The video below illustrates further about what I am saying about pharmaceuticals stemming from occult traditions.

There are a lot of people into this stuff, and they're in clicks, groups, cults. hints the "ocCULT" Not only do my academic citations back it up, JFK talked about it as well, and further more here is a "school" out in California that gets people indoctrinated with these pagan beliefs, all of which require one to habitually violate the second commandment. You can see where modern pharmaceutical and alchemy share a foundation, and this is why I believe there is sigils tied to this industry. Big pharma is also a new phenomenon, as is Cannabis prohibition.