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Before you get into this, I want to point out that in John F Kennedy's last speech, he confirms the existence of secret societies such as skull and bones. Nazi Germany was also created through a secret society as well ( history channel )The president of the United States addressing the entire nation about it, is proof that it is real, and his assassination is further evidence of such. Here is a link to his speech: Feel free to pull it up at the local library, ask your librarian if you doubt this is legit. BTW This has been on the history channel as well. The truth is hidden in plain sight.

As John F Kennedy pointed out in his last speech before his assassination, secret societies exist, and are a problem. These same groups are the ones at work today in America and around the world. The bible calls us sheep for a reason. They're herding people like sheep using disinformation. Disinformation or propaganda, works best politically when mixed with the truth. So to white wash the truth, it is often mixed in with lies, to discredit it, and those who speak it. These secret societies seek to herd the population down a road that will give them control, and us enslavement. It has never worked in all of history, and it certainly won't work here in America today. You need to overcome your pride and sense of "knowing" and take the time to learn, and correct those lies that you once believed or are currently being deceived by.

The skull and cross bones symbol is a graven image, one that the nazi's used.  Some would argue that these videos are deep fake's, but they're not. Myself and plenty of other people saw it on national TV folks. Tim russet died years later. Because the nazi's used this symbol, their is a good chance that these are underground nazi groups. With all the other evidence shared here on this site from mainstream sources, I find it only fitting to assume that neo nazi's are our culprits. We need to ban the swastika and these graven images ( see the ten commandments, second commandment, exodus 20 ) It will make it easier to arrest them and quicker. Skull and bones wikipedia page:

These two candidates both admitted to belonging to the same secret group, a group that uses nazi symbols, and holds secrets, and is in the government. John F Kennedy warned about this, and the fact that they're using nazi sigils is a dead giveaway. Between that, Charlottsville, police running protection for genocide rings in Florida ( the law protects doctors from repeated murder by malpractice ), and the neo nazi connection to Oklahoma city as exposed by the BBC, I would say it is pretty obvious the inside jobs, in this country, are being carried out by neo nazi groups ( white supremacist ) and their official narrative is that you're mentally ill if you know it. 

If you go along with their quack Gab and Fox propaganda then they'll leave you alone, If you tell true stories like I do, and tell people the news is real, and use academic sources to back up historical facts like I do, they'll say you're mentally ill. These people are idiots, and it is mind boggling that sheep keep following them.  In Florida the police and medical are in bed (911, 9/11) and they are preying on the elderly. They will falsely label anyone crazy ( just as narcissist do ) and are using mental health and malpractice as a means for covert genocide.

They ( these crooked medical people here in NW Fl ) killed my 90 year old grandma ( these medical criminals ), and falsely treated her as a mental patient when there was no evidence of this, but plenty of evidence of malpractice. Then they use their friends in the police to try to frame you and keep you quiet. They refused to investigate, made comments like "The FBI won't do s***", and "Is this the guy that was talking a lot the other night?" The Santa Rosa county sheriffs office refused to investigate the malpractice, and instead ran protection for the guilty, and then lied to the media to cover up that they had baker acted a 90 year old woman based on no evidence whatsoever while refusing to investigate serious allegations. The FBI knows. I am in good with God and have been protected. Join me in my legal war against these beta's. and together we will help the government bring them to justice. Keep hiding girls. We want all neo nazi's and white sissies "supremacist" out of government, and behind bars, and we won't stop until that's the way it is.

I sense a postulate that this skull and bones group is most likely an off-shoot of a secret society from Germany, perhaps the thules society that founded nazism in its original form. I believe they got their inspiration from pirates, due to the similar nature of their graven image(see exodus 20), and the fact that they operate like pirates. Pirates kill, steal, and destroy. They hijack, they take hostage, and they're sneaky, tactful, and strike when you least expect it. Skull and bones was very similar. They stole the election, and set the stage for an illegal war, a war that biblical prophecy warned of. Interestingly, the logo for my high school here in Santa Rosa County is a raider, which is another name for pirate. Our mascot? The skull and swords, making the same X pattern as the skull and bones symbol. In Pythagorean numerology, X is the number 6 ( ie: the word Fox = 666, xxx=666 ) so the X used in the skull and crossbones symbol, as well as the pirate symbol, is an X which equals 6. Also notice the one eye symbolism on the pirate flag, and how celebrities seem to be really big on making this post in photos and such.

You can confirm further the existence of such secret groups using any electronic database full of scholarly sources that confirm these cults do exist. The the Nazi's in WWII had secrets, so there's no reason to believe that these neo nazi groups don't either. The name of the game is dodging accountability, and gaining control. You don't gain control by getting a job at burger king, you gain control by infiltration. They're in police, medical, the military.. The gov knows, and they're being weeded out. This is a spiritual battle, and an info war. You gotta get right with God if you want your part in this war to be effective. Use God, and do your mission. Here's a link to academic sources on the thules society and you an find others there:

At the very bottom of this page is another great documentary that exposes the occult history of the nazi's. There's an occult connection to this evil and chaos in the world today, which is further confirmation that the bible is in fact true doctrine, and prophecy. Here's a direct link to that: