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9/11 911 91:1

9/11 happened on September the 11th.

September is the 9th month.

It happened at 9am.

The two towers, 1 1 (911)

People called 911 that day in response to this attack.

911 made more money that day.

Pre-written bills were signed into law shortly after.

Psalm 91:1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High,

will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.{nasb}

Psalm 91:3 For it is HE who delivers you from the snare of the trapper;

and from the deadly pestilence.

Psalm 91:13 You will tread upon the lion and cobra;

The young lion and the serpent you will trample down; {nasb}

The news is real, they're extremist ( neo nazi's, white supremacist sorta thing, modern confederates ), and they're in police and medical, hints 911. They're also apparently in the military, hints the news on NBC about extremist being removed from the military. It's not fake, that's why they keep telling you it's fake. They're attacking the press, and truth-tellers and all forms of freedom.

Donald Trump Made Sleazy Comments About

His Tower Being The Biggest After 9/11 Attacks...

9/11 Exposed

This is the only real good investigative journalist documentary that I've seen on 9/11. It is worth sharing, as it exposes those news clips that were aired live and immediately following the events, which expose the true truth as to what had happened. Nobody even knows what this guys name is, yet he did a way better job than Alex Jones. After seeing this guys work, you'll realize how InfoWars hasn't exposed much of anything really. They are a fake type of whistle-blowing psy-op. Look into Alex Jones Bill Hicks Psy-op and Sacred Cow Productions. ODDTV did a good piece on this.

Don't let this doc turn you against the media. Let this documentary inspire you to use them as a citation to backup whats really happening in the world today. The media isn't completely worthless guys. It's the guilty who are covering their tracks, the rest just work there. Don't be brainwashed by them either. Be investigative by nature, and because the mainstream media is on YouTube now ( Google handed over the first pages of YouTube to mainstream media in 2016 ) you can now easily find news stories from MSM and cite them. Use Google scholar too or another academic database. (#_#)

They're in police, medical, and military.

It's not fake news. That's why they keep telling you it is fake. They don't want to be exposed so they deny it. It's the George Floyd thing all over again. They just tell you the sky is orange to avoid arse whooping. That simple folks. They're lying. Dodging accountability is the name of the game. They're trying to covertly take over and make the rest of us their slaves.  These are modern nazified confederates. They get in politics and try to rig things in a way where no one notices enough to try to stop it. They have the baker act, and welfare checks, that allow them to bypass your rights as an American citizen. The founding fathers would be furious. Get to work abolishing these laws, and exposing their agenda as well. There's enough mainstream news articles exposing this in plain sight, that we can all flip the narrative on them. It is time to get involved as an American because believe me, you have the upper hand if you're righteous. Now please join us and spread real news that exposes this. The truth is right in front of all of us, and using academic sources, mainstream news, the encyclopedia, etc, we can combat all neo nazi propaganda.

Perhaps you stumble upon this site many years from now when I stop working on it and forget about it. In that case, and in the event that the links are not working, you can use the internet archive, aka the "way back machine" at to pull up any website from the past. It is like a way of viewing websites from the year whenever. so you can pull up this page from August 2022 when it was first put up. Again, If any of the links are broken, use

They're all about secrecy, and try to blend in.

Covert mass medical genocide folks.

The attempted weaponizing and nazification of 911.

"As of 2017, a 9-1-1 system is in use in Mexico, where implementation in different states and municipalities is being conducted. Venezuela also has a 911 emergency services called VEN911. It has been in operation for approximately 10 years."[1] So we can see that 911 is relatively new, and it is spreading around the world. We need to prevent the spread of anything it is 911 and fascist laws that back its satanic agenda. The FDA has repeatedly overstepped their bounds, and now they want to team up and embolden the world health organization. Their graven images commonly frequent the serpent, said to be Satan in the bible. Anton levey himself, the satanism guy, is seen with a snake in his wikipedia photo. The image was added here in 2022, and comes from the wikipedia page. Go Africa for being mostly without 911. No wonder bill gates won't leave them alone, that psycho. As you can see, 911 has infested the planet. Some are wondering, why is he acting like 911 is so bad? While some good comes from such a service, but with the modern the neo nazi infestation we are currently experiencing has also infiltrated the medical establishment. Their graven images, according to the second commandment, and what they represent, as well as who represents them, are not to be bowed down to or served. Exodus 20. There are plenty of news articles from real news sources ( mainstream news sources ) that share the evidence of this. It's right in front of you folks, covert medical genocide. Look at the rise in and normalization of malpractice in Florida, it's sick. FBI, you know where to raid. They're in police, medical, and apparently the military(Remember the news on NBC about extremist being removed from the military when Biden first won the election?

"In 1968, the number was agreed upon. · AT&T made its first implementation in Huntington, Indiana on March 1, 1968"

With 911 having such a global reach, the threat for totalitarian dictatorial power is already old news. With laws like the baker act, tyrants can cause serious damage, and without having total control of the country too. They've positioned their-selves in police and medical ( my 90 year old grandma was framed as a mental patient so don't tell me they're not doing this ). Neo nazi's are a real threat to national security, and even new neighbors in my 'hood told me he had nazi war plans from his friend in Germany, quote un quote. I notified the FBI. This same guy has friends in police and medical. This means that they are 99.999% likely in police and medical, which makes sense considering the crimes committed against my grandmother and family by them. All you need to prove a coverup is compare the police reports with the local news, they lied to them and left huge chunks out of the story to manipulate it , and worded it carefully. Anyway, we need to remove welfare checks and the baker act because of this, as they are being abused by far right goons who belong in prison, not police and medical.

The FDA is already in love with the World Health Organization and their creepy swastika like symbol with the serpent ( snake, satan in the bible ) Look there needs to be huge push back on this far right narrative that it is "mentally ill" to point these threats out. All throughout history tyrants have used really sick ways to murder entire populations, and start unjust wars based on their own lust for power and dominance. This is why we jail dangerous people. America needs to stop empowering and emboldening the wicked. I'm asking all righteous people to get right with God and use him to complete your mission in this world. Get to work, we have evil to fight, legally and peacefully. Use prayer, and abide in him. Psalm 91:1

Shamans, witches, and sorcerers, are all the same thing. They tend to lean towards poisonous plants, and their practice is about control and manipulation, and are tied in with graven images such as those used in astrology, and the medical cadueceus ( google "serpent medical" ) See also Sigils; This confuses people because they see that sorcery is forbidden and then assume that medicines and drugs are all bad because it is tied in with sorcery. Drunkenness is a loss of control fostered by abuse of a substance, rather than proper use thereof. One can drink wine without being drunk ( under the control of ). Ecclesiastes 9:7 kjv "Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works." The bible tells us leaves can be used as medicine, so we know that medicine is biblical, but pharmakai is not. Pharmakaia is basically chemistry, synthetic drugs made in the likeness of those God made and placed in plants ( phytochemistry ) Modern pharmaceuticals are also poisons, having "contact poison control center" on every bottle.

Shamans and wiccans and other sorcerers use psychedelics and dilerants and poisons even, to practice magic, divination, and commune with spirits. This is what is forbidden, but not medicine used in the proper context ( seed bearing herb only not pharmakai ) Ezekiel 47:12 proves it. "And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine." This gives us more context on sorcery, as being drugs, medicines, and poisons associated with magical arts, and not so much chamomile tea used in a proper context, that is not offensive to God.

From neo nazi's planning mass shootings to further their gun confiscation and disarmament agenda ( NY Post Tx Neo Nazi Arrested For Planning Mass Shooting At Walmart ), to medical fascist using malpractice as a form of covert genocide and preying on the elderly, and elderly abuse by deputies and assisted living facilities, framing people as mental patients, and more : ( Florida Doctor Charged With Hate Crime, FBI Warns Of Rise In Elderly Fraud Crimes, Expert Warns In Rise Of Malpractice , Abuse Exposed In Nursing Homes, As "Routine"  ) America has freedom of the press.

The government is right to get them out of the military ( like what happened when Biden won the election and they had to remove extremist from around the white house ) They're the ones causing ALL THE PROBLEMS. It's neo nazi's ( white supremacist, modern confederates ) and they're in cult like groups ( yes there is an occult element to it, watch WWII documentaries ) and from mainstream sources.

Get 'em outta there!!!!

The BBC has given us enough to know that neo nazi's were involved in the Oklahoma city bombing. If you dig enough you can find the original news clips that show a total of 4 bombs were found. We can be sure there's a HUGE chance they were involved in 9/11 as well (911). We have confirmed that they're in the military, so this makes sense.

#fbi #doj #nsa

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