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 Matthew 7:14 "Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, 
which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it"
Updates: MeWe is the best platform out there. They don't allow hate speech, don't censor free speech, and the hash tags are NOT limited, and the group as well. 99% of the other platforms have rigged hash tags and group topics, limiting what you can discuss and how fast you can grow your account. Mewe do not limit you and is one of the few non nazi controlled platforms available as I type this in October of 2022.

After you finish with this page, check out my social media groups and chatroom links section..


It sucks. Group topics are limited, you can't find anything you're looking for, and everything revolves around Trump and Fox news. Not for me.

MeWe -

MeWe I would have to say is the best out of all of them thus far. It has groups, and the topics don't seem to be controlled at all. Now, the owners of those groups sometimes just allow whatever, but some groups manually approve post, and I don't participate in those. It's the most impressive platform thus far in terms of connecting people imo, tied with a couple others but MeWe is at the top of my list for sure. Visit

LiveJournal -
I love LiveJournal. It's light weight, and the hash tags seem to work thus far. I can see myself really digging it when I'm in a writing mood. It's got a nice vibe to it, and I dig the color theme. It makes you feel calm and homie. It's very intellectual. I respect this platform. Visit

Vero -
Vero has a graphical feel to it, and I like it. I get good hashtag results with it, and the design is so sleek and awesome. It's hard to search for topics though, and there are no groups. It's very similar to Instagram in terms of the way it feels and functions. The color theme is aqua on black bakground, looks dope.  Visit

Wireclub -
Wireclub is cool. They don't tolerate spam by not even allowing links. YouTube links work in the chats but other than that you can't send clickable links anywhere on the platform. You'd have to cut and paste them. The chats work. It's surprisingly popular and a cool place to chat and post content, has free blogs too. Visit

Neocities -
Neocities gives you a feed where you can post and comment among the crowd, and a free website. It's like Angelfire. Visit

Angelfire -
 Angelfire is where this website you're surfing was created! I
 love the free web design tools that it offers. I find them 
 powerful and am very pleased with the product I was able to
 create using their tools. I want to thank them for allowing us
 this service, and for still staying strong after all these years
 with Google and big tech coming in, and they're still standing strong. Donate to these guys or do advertising with them folks. Let's keep Lycos and Angelfire alive, for generations to come.

   I have some more to tell you about, but I must separate them
 because they are either a ghost town right now, I'm pretty sure rigged,
 or will shadow ban you at the drop of a hat or directly ban you, one or
 the other.

 Again, the platforms below suck and there doesn't seem to
 be anyone there which is why I listed them separately.

BlankChat -
The name is funny because that's exactly what it is in a 
way, an empty chat. The hashtags don't pull up much of anything, and I can't for the life of me seem to find any signs of life there. Maybe over time it will become more social, seriously though maybe it will.

Keckr -
The name is cool but like Blankchat, it seems to be void.
Maybe people will show up in time but until then it seems null of life to me. I wonder also if it is controlled or just empty, because hashtags don't do much and there doesn't seem to be much signs of life here.

 I can't judge the following YET: ( Just signed up )

Truth Social
truth social
A new platform I just signed up for on July 20, 2022, is " TruthSocial. " We'll see how good it is. That's I can say that thus far I like it.
Right off the bat I can tell you it's light weight and  
that's a huge plus with me. One con right off the bat though is I notice that it only lets me follow a few people at a time before it throws up a "can't do that" like warning. ( It limits you but we'll see how far this goes as I get to know the platform all together. ) Turns out Trump owns this platform ( gross dude ) and it really started to suck quick.

MeWe is the opposite of this. Any platform where you feel like you're always talking to yourself, like most of mine these days ( facebook, twitter, etc ) are worthless. MeWe gets you real exposure, and has real American values behind its operations. Thank God for MeWe, ditch these other bad actors.

  Diaspora -
  I used to have a Diaspora account on, but server 
 disappeared one day unexpectedly. I just recently joined again @ pod but the hash tags or search doesn't seem to pull up
 anything or anyone. Either it's a ghost town or, I don't know what to t
 think. I will see how it goes though. Note: There are tons of pods to use
 for diaspora, and each one is different. It's a very unique platform in 
 this sense, being more advanced and decentralized in nature.

 This Angelfire web developer app is giving me a hard time. Doesn't
 want to put the button where I want it like it would before in the
 previous session. Let me try a different style button really quick those
 are kinda cheese to be honest, I may replace them all.

 MeWe really is the only social media platform to date that I have found  to be as equally powerful as Facebook before it went all CCP/NAZI with censorship. MeWe doesn't censor post, doesn't oppress the Kratom or Cannabis community, is basically pro average American, does censor hate speech(swastika's are not allowed, and straight hate speech, violent threats etc, are policed by high level admins at MeWe.) I'm not sure about the hash tags I need to try them but I can tell you that group topics are not oppressed and censored like the other platforms! Fight politically, do not let them pass any more laws against speech. Identify all nazi politicians, police, medical, etc, and prosecute them. Drain the nazi swamp, legally. Look for me on Mewe under the username "Real News" Thanks!

         I did a much more thorough social media review on
                check it out. is hosted on my neocities.