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Spiritual Dictionary ( Encyclopedia )

Occult Cheat Sheet ( Warn The Others )

Charms - A charm is an idol. Pagan cultures don't tell you that, but that's the secret. Remember Magic is a deception. While part of it is supernatural, the other part of it is deception. You're being deceived into making yourself vulnerable to these demonic forces, by voluntarily stepping out of the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will bide in the shadow of the Almighty. God can't afford to allow any other forces in the universe to challenge his authority because it is far too dangerous. He is good, therefore he must maintain his authority to protect all life in existence from evil. A charm works by charming the victim into believing the lie that it has some sort of supernatural protective power, or that it will give them some type of power, etc. When the victim believes this, they're now putting their faith( the energy of faith ) into the object(the charm). It's nothing more than a trick to divert your worship and praise and faith away from God and to a demonic device( a charm, or symbol )


Talismans - The pagan lie is that they are charged with magical powers and will give you benefits of some kind. This is a "false god". aka idol. The lie decieves the user into comitting idolatry. Any object that is attributed to having some ability to do something for you, is an idol, or a false God, or as the pagans put it a "charm", or "talisman". Both are slightly different, but on a supernatural level they have the same effect, and are two sides of the same deception. The "Magical powers" that shamans would charge talismans with, was worship, prayer, and other emotions and vibes tied with idolatry. The pagan cultures don't put it this way, but from a Christian perspective, this is what they were truly doing. The enemies doctrines are all deceptive. Worship is a form of energy that we release, if you want to put it like a "new ager".


Divination: Divination is the enemies version of prophecy. It is the supernatural obtainment of information of any kind. This can vary from information about a person, their interest, life, to full on knowledge of future events before they happen. Divination is not 100% accuate ever, and the end goal is for the evil spirits to bing into your life a future for you that THEY want, not what God wants. Psychedelics(entheogens, "pharmakeia") are tied to both prophecy and divination, depending upon context of use. I do not condone or encourage others to go eat the fruit. That is by Gods will and between you and him alone.

Spells aka Magick, Manifesting: Spells(aka Magick, or "manifesting") is like the enemies form of prayer. Demons like to project energy onto their victims that they obtain from various places ( practitioners of witchcraft[spells give demons energy, and they use that energy] ), they may absorb energy from another victim, or from you.  They will reflect your own lust back at you ,and use it as a snare. Lust is tied in with divination and spells, or magick, aka "manifesting"(new age variation). Magick, "manifesting", and spells are basically the same thing. "New agers" call it "manifesting", but these terms all represent the same thing.. In the same way that "entheogen", means the same thing as "pharmakeia".

Enchantment: Enchantment goes along with spells, magick, and "manifesting". It is a form of hypnosis so to speak, for one on the receiving end of macig(spells, or curses, or any pagan pracitice[the enemies version of prayer]). Being brought under the power of an idea, or a lie that you have makethed to loveth.. is enchantment, or a lie that someone else made for you... It is when you are under a spell. You are enchanted by something when you are brought uder its power, hynotized by it, mesmorized, obsesesd, driven by, or herded by its "light" so to speak..

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Occult Symbols(Sigils) [Covert Idols] Exodus 20:4

Sin opens the door - part of how magic works is to trick the victim into embracing sin. Sin keeps the enemy on your turf. It allows him to be a part of your life. If you want the enemy out of your life, you gotta eliminate sin. You don't have to be perfect, but you do gotta try and mean it. God can read your heart. He knows when you lie. Be for real.

Charka's, my Christian take. I believe a lot of occult knowledge is true, however it does you no good. Psalm 91:3 For it is HE who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence, and he alone. No amount of knowledge will save you from the serpent. However, I do believe that some of this knowledge is true. I'm willing to bet the body really does have different energy centers, and that demons can trick a person into allowing them in through those centers. The bible teaches that satan can get in through the eyes, and the heart. All faiths proclaim the power of spoken word, and prayer. This means if you're praying to the wrong God, this is powerful in a very damaging and destructive way. Your hearts desires can be wicked, and it is that wicked heart energy that demons feed off of, and that gives them access to you. I believe this is how they start to slowly manifest theirselves in the human body. Only Jesus and God can cast them out.

Prayer, worship, and service, are instruments of Gods children. They are your supernatural exercises. Pagans have spiritual practices, and Christians do too. Worship, prayer, meditation on Gods word, interpreting Dreams and Visions and God has given us, desiring to prophecy, embracing gifts given to us by the Lord, are all the Christians arsenal of practices, or supernatural exercises. 

Reasons to avoid the occult: "Scholars have debated the role of the occult in Nazism since it first appeared on the German political landscape in the 1920s. After 1945, a consensus held that occultism-an ostensibly anti-modern, irrational blend of pseudo-religious and-scientific practices and ideas-had directly facilitated Nazism's rise" -

Via. Black, Monica, and Eric Kurlander, eds. Revisiting the" Nazi occult": histories, realities, legacies. Vol. 4. Boydell & Brewer, 2015.


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