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These chatrooms are hand selected, not random. I chose rooms that do not manually approve post. These are run by people who respect free speech. MeWe is a breath of fresh air to tell you the truth. I pray to God that more platforms such as it arise. I will share them with you as I discover them. I am currently trying a new one called, check it out.

MeWe Chatrooms / Groups:

Free Classifieds

Free Ads

Link Your Shop

Computer Nerds

Christianity & Free Speech

This is a group that I created because I got tired of the fake groups that spread propaganda and won't let anyone else post. It's mind control, and un-American ( violations of our first amendment right to free speech ) It should be law fhat if you own a social media platform you can only censor hate speech or X rated gore and stuff like that, the obvious. keyword there is ONLY. In my group, it will be rare that you're removed. I am sensible about free speech, you can disagree with me, it's ok.

Interesting note: around 2 o'clock CST all these chats seem to increase in activity.

Christianity #2

This isn't my group, but we'll give it a test run. It doesn't manually approve post so you're good to go. I like the cool purple color theme too.


Hemp Everything


Tech & Software


Share Your Blog Post

Friendly Chat

420 Lounge

Global Weather Blog

Follow me on Mewe: Real News

My Groups:

Please stay on topic in my groups. You have free speech but if you flood the group with unrelated content I will remove you after politely letting you know with one notice. If the group topic is news, post news only please, etc.



Fact Checking




My username: Opal420

Chatrooms On Wireclub:

Private Chat Lobby

The Private Chat Lobby is booming, and is a more high paced room the majority of the time. It's very rare that it's quite completely. You'll like it if you're hopped up on mountain dew or something else.


This room has less people in it but tends to be more heated as people really do talk about politics here. lol Wireclub has some great chatters though, people who cherish the REAL internet.


The USA chat on wireclub is typically not over crowded at all. If you like a more laid back chat, that's not scrolling way too fast for you, or if you're a stoner, and baked, you'll enjoy this room better.

You can make your own chatrooms on Wireclub as well,

and it has games and other features. It only allows YouTube links in the chats, and all other links are not-clickable. The chat's work well, there are active user's and it's not just a ghost town with spam bots. There are all other sorts of addictive things on there that I don't get involved with because I'm having too much fun playing with neocities and Angelfire. (#_#)


This chat below belongs to the WinWorld website, so I will link directly to their chat page below, but there's a cool discord server there that I have been hanging out in. So far so good. I don't spam or do anything in appropriate, so if I am still removed, then I will remove it from the listing here.

WinWorld Chat On Discord Here

Neocities Silicon Valley Chat

I stumbled upon this on the Yesterweb Webring. Another discord server. I notice a lot of these on random grey web sites. It's pretty cool. I have not spent a whole lot of time int his particular chat, so I haven't gotten a feel for the characters there yet.


Visit us on IRC fellow nerds and stoner nerds: for ssl connection via IRC ipv4 for ssl connections via IRC ipv6


Radio Station:

Corresponding MeWe Group Link

This platform is for nerding and socializing. Come have fun.