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Oklahoma City Bombing Exposed By News Media, Neo Nazi Connection, Coverup ATF was infiltrated

The BBC exposed the neo nazi white supremacy connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing, as well as a city called Elohim city Oklahoma where these scum hang out. That link is at: They're not fake news, they call it fake news because they don't want to be exposed.  if you challenge this, simply email the bbc the link and ask them if it is theirs for real.

Here's the BBC documentary link  or just google "bbc oklahoma city conspiracy files", it's on vimeo I am sorry that Angelfire won't let me make that link clickable just copy and paste  Feel free to reach out to the BBC and ask them if this is their doc. is the BBC documentary that exposes the neo nazi connection to Oklahoma City. According to the BBC's investigative journalist piece on the subject, it appears that a far right extremist from Germany acted as a trojan horse, and that nazi cults that hung out in Elohim city were the most likely culprits ( it would be rediculous to believe otherwise actually, based on the evidence. ) Based on what I have seen, I believe they were also involved in 9/11, and that makes sense now as to why the missile or plane or whatever it was that hit the pentagon that morning was able to make its way to the building without detection or any decision being made by the president as to whether or not to blow it out of the sky. very odd and proves conspiracy. again the BBC documentary link is: cut and paste it into your browser to view it, and hit enter. enjoy please share it! This is why they attack the media and tell you it is fake, because they do not want to be exposed.

Again, the bbc doc and the original news clips expose that the ATF lied to the news and they went along with it.

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